Technical solutions for democratic requirements


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We create applications based on Decidim software* and Ruby on Rails. Our specialties are:

* 3% of each budget for Decidim services is given to the Decidim Association for the official maintenance of the project.

Quick installation

We guarantee a fast and secure installation on our server or on your hosting. A test environment and a production environment are provided

Adaptability at the highest level

We adapt, improve and develop the registration system, verification and participation modules based on the needs of each type of organization

Unique experience

Your Decidim, your look and feel. Your Decidim, your priorities. With our Agile methodology you will participate in the evolution of the project

Creators of Decidim Awesome

Our priority is always to make Decidim more usable and give more flexibility to the administrator. The ever-evolving Swiss army knife that every platform admin needs

Technical support and personalized consulting

Our values are: work with quality, treat the team well and treat the customer well. We don't like to talk with technical vocabulary, but we do love to transform political challenges into technological solutions!

International Community

Welcome to open source! We share and cooperate with other organizations in the community. We are promoters of the international network of suppliers Decidim: DICE


We collaborate with public institutions, cooperatives, social movements and other community organizations.

Ajuntament de l'Hospitalet Getxo Ajuntament d'Olesa de Montserrat Stadt of Luzern Coopcat Colectic Decidim PEMB Fòrum de la Juventut d'Andorra Green Party of Canada OpensourcePolitics Seidor Opentrends Ajuntament de Barcelona European Capital of democracy

Our customers say about us...

Pedro Goicolea

Getxo Town Hall

It will be the second anniversary since the Getxo City Council joined the Decidim universe, creating its participation site And from our first steps, before activating the page, Ivan and Pau were our Jedi Masters. We were their humble padawans. Always friendly, attentive, available and precise. Guiding us on a path we were unaware of. But… they left. They left to fly free, to open their own company. We wished them the best and told them to have a wonderful time and those things you say when you miss someone before they leave.

Just to say that we are with both of them again, in their new phase of Pokecode. There must be a reason! We have returned to them and we verify that they are still just as friendly, attentive, available and precise as before. Good luck on your new journey.

Mònica Gifreu

Som Energia Team

At Som Energia we work with Pokecode, for their commitment in the development of Decidim, as an official partner, and because we trust in their professionalism, the result of a shared experience. His service involves a close relationship, on a day-to-day basis, with an agile way of working and, in the longer term, we know that they have the necessary expertise to make Decidim, more and more, a tool for organizations.

Stadt of Luzern

Nadja von Ballmoos

Stadt of Luzern

I really like to work with Ivan and Pau because they act as partners, not just contractors. It is of great value to me that they proactively share their thoughts about our requirements and therewith proved their deep understanding of Decidim.

Green Party Canada

John Willson

Co-President of the GPC Fund

As a telecoms product manager, I managed software development from teams based in the US, the UK, Germany, Israel and China. Pokecode consistently meets or surpasses the standards of those teams, delivering software reliably and responsibly; ahead of time, under budget and with clear accountable reporting. The caring, friendly attitude of the Pokecode team makes collaboration with them a joy and we consider our selection of them as a key factor in the success of the decidim project. We literally couldn't have done it without them.


Because there are people behind you who will help you with everything you need.

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Ivan Vergés
Ivan Vergés
Ivan Vergés
Pau Parals
Pau Parals
Pau Parals
Anna Topalidi
Anna Topalidi
Anna Topalidi
Ruby on Rails developer
Elvia Benedith
Elvia Benedith
Elvia Benedith
Ruby on Rails Developer