PokeCode is a tech company, focused on Developing great applications based on Decidim and Ruby on Rails.

Who we are

We just started so we are very small for the moment (but hold tight this is just the beginning).

Ivan Vergés

Formed as Telecommunication Engineer, Open source passionate and also a guitar player, has been around for more than 15 years working on open source solutions. The last 4 years has been the CTO of Platoniq Foundation, developing many solutions around the Decidim software, including many plugins such as Decidim Awesome, Direct Verifications, Navigation Maps and many others.

Pau Parals

Studied a double degree in Business & Economics, Pau is extremely passionate person about his work, he thrives by delivering solutions that actually works. His commitment with the clients is simply unmatched, you can trust him. His experience goes from being the leader of the students association in Catalonia in his students years to work with Codi Tramuntana and, later, Platoniq Foundation, in both cases dedicated to Decidim.